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This pistol is available at $4950.SOLD For more information, please see: This link.

Howdah 1911

The Howdah 1911 is built on an LAR Grizzly Mark I in .45 Winchester Magnum. It is one of only two "spec" guns I have ever built. Everything else is to-order..... that list has been closed for about two years now and is still about 5 years long. Please click on the link to see more about it in a thread on louderthanwords.us, but here are a few highlights:

The theme of this pistol is dangerous game hunting, especially tigers. It has express sights of my own design, made from 4130 barstock. Both have tritium inserts recessed forward, the front's tritium lamp is in a large diameter ivory insert. Premium components have been used to replace the fire control group. As this pistol is somewhat larger than a standard 1911 to accommodate the larger cartridge, I have reduced its girth as much as possible by machining down the mainspring housing. The mainspring housing and frontstrap (high-cut for greater control) both feature a modified Conamyd pattern. The superlative ivory grips are from Nutmeg Sports, scrimshawed to my design as communicated to them by my sketches. The magazine well is nicely opened up although if you are reloading during a tiger attack you may be in trouble! The bluing is awesome and was done for me by Glenrock Bluing in Glenrock, WY. This pistol comes as a set with a hand-made Damascus blade by Chris Daigle. The knife's scales are cut from the same tusk as the pistol grips. The sheath is of alligator and elephant hide. Also included is the last 3/4 case of CorBon's 320-grain solid load, these run about 1100 FPS. A case of CorBon 200-grain JHP ammo is available. Even with the express sights, which are very fast up close, 3" groups at 28 yards are no problem with this tiger-taker.

Please follow the link to LTW for more information and better pictures.

For more information about this pistol, click HERE

Price on this package is $8400.00. SOLD

Chris Daigle has sold the knife separately, so the price is now reduced to $7500 SOLD (although I'm sure Chris would be happy to make another matching knife, using the same ivory stock as the grips on the Howdah 1911).